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celebrate life


That’s the message emblazoned across these wordy pieces by Lithuanian brand Kirsti Andress, designed by husband and wife team Kristina Kalinauskaite and Andrius Sergejenko. Generally speaking I’m not a huge fan of pithy statements on clothes that aren’t t-shirts, and in all honesty words like ‘dream’ ‘believe’ and statements like ‘love life’ would usually have me running for the door, however these creations actually get away with it due to their inherent charm.

The best piece for me is the Puzzle dress, which features a jumble of letters on a pretty pink, black or grey dress. The pink one stole my heart. It’s such a simple little dress but the black characters in Helvetica tumbling over the pale pink dress appeal to my graphic design sensibilities.

Our mission is to offer original designs and techniques in handcrafting traditions by paying attention to the aesthetics of the garment both inside and out.
— kristi andress
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