2001 (I'm Afraid of Getting Old)


It’s well known that music is good for our mental health.

It’s an issue that affects many of our lives in varying degrees.

So anything that can help start a conversation about how we are feeling can only be a good thing.

That’s one of the reasons I wanted to share about this project.

2001 (I’m Afraid of Getting Old) is a newly released album by Peter Thomson who tragically took his own life in 2001

Peter was the lead vocalist and songwriter for the band Secession, a Scottish synth pop band from Glasgow that was active between 1983 and 1987. Managed by friend Hamish Brown, they signed to Beggars Banquet then Siren Records releasing their only album ‘ A Dark Enchantment ‘ in 1987.

Over the years prior to his suicide, Peter wrote and recorded new songs on his home studio set up before giving the only copies of those songs on cassette to Hamish. These cassettes remained unplayed until the end of 2017 when Margaret Thomson, Peter’s widow reached out to discuss the idea of honouring his memory.

The contents of those tapes and early demos are now the basis for this record.

A limited edition of 500 copies of the album in delicious green vinyl have now been released

The website should be live on Thursday 6th Dec for album sales.


All of the album and promotional artwork was created for the project by our dear friend Andy Campbell to reflect Peter and his state of mind.


This Thursday sees the launch of the album at the Poetry Club at SWG3.

If you are in town, I’m sure Margaret and Andy would be happy to see you there.


Remember we are all afraid of something. It might be getting old, sick or lonely. Losing our job or losing a loved one.

But whatever it is, you are not alone. We are all in this big adventure called life together. If you are struggling tell a friend or a loved one. If you cant face that then you can always reach out to someone like The Samaritans or Breathing Space

Or even try an app like calm. Anything that helps you to relax and realise you are not alone.

If you are in a seriously bad place or thinking about self harm then please reach out to the Joshua Nolan Foundation or read this article by Jordan Grey. It will only take a couple of minutes and will give you food for thought.

Take care out there everyone.

Queen Marie x