They Call Her The Wild Rose


If you didn’t already noticed from the ton of rose tattoos that adorn my arms, roses are my favourite flower. I remember the roses in my grans garden when I was a little girl and one year she grew the most beautiful lilac rose. It was utterly magnificent. It grew underneath the living room window and bloomed one year and never again. But for that one season, it was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. I desperately wanted to pick it, to own it, but I knew I couldn’t as it’d die so I admired it from afar. I think this was when my lifelong love of roses was born.

You might have seen on my Instagram an incredibly talented tattoo artist, Lisa McIntyre, painted the most awe inspiring portrait of me and I’m surrounded in black roses, reflecting the black roses that stain my skin. I have never been as gobsmacked as I was when I saw this. How does a person have that much talent? It actually baffles me.




her lips were the colour of the roses


So needless to say when Aussie jewellery brand Meadowlark, with whom I’ve designed a ring in the past, released their latest collection which features the rose as the central motif, I was very excited.

The collection, entitled Wild Rose, renders little roses in silver or gold or with diamonds in some pieces.

I would love some pretty silver rose earrings. These would never leave my ears.

Alba studs WG.jpg
Alba hoop earrings large SS.jpg
Alba ear climber YG.jpg
Alba band WG.jpg
Alba vine ring 1 SS.jpg

The prices range from $89AUD for silver micro hoops, right up to nearly $10,000AUD for diamond encrusted studs.