'The Many Muses'


Sometimes here in The Kingdom we are a little out of step with time.

Old things, new things. We care not a jot if something is in fashion or out, we only care that it interests us.

Case in point the SS18 collection ‘ The Many Muses by Eloïse Ptito-Echeverria

I’ve been meaning to share this for the longest time but it always escapes me. It came back into mind the other night because once again I was sitting gazing at this coat. I am captivated with this coat. It’s got that early Marni crafted and folkloric quality that just fills my heart with joy.


Toronto based designer Eloïse Ptito-Echeverria's Toronto based designer Eloïse Ptito-Echeverria'sEloïse Ptito-Echeverria's collection acts as a tribute to three influential women, worthy of recognition in their own right. “The Many Muses” is a textile-centric collection for SS18 that embodies the spirit of powerful creative women everywhere. Inspired by three different muses of beloved male painters: Jeanne Hébuterne, Fränzi Fehrmann, and Rosa Rolanda each piece is a vivid combination of colour, rich texture and jovial energy.


"The collection seeks to pay homage to these three particular women for repeatedly inspiring me during my creative processes... Despite my own projections, it is disheartening to realize that all three women have frequently been solely understood as muses; in reality, they were spectacular painters and artists in their own right."


You can read all about these wonderful women on a fuller post over Eloise’s site.

Queen Marie