wrap me up in tin foil...


I'm a total sucker for silver.

Even when it looks slightly like someone might have been wrapped in tin foil.

Although I don't imagine for a single minute that any of the men in my life would be even slightly ready for Wedu's SS'18 collection.


Founder and creative director Coreon Du has been regarded by Forbes to be one of the 15 young creatives rebranding Africa. His silver focused pieces combine the comfort of sportswear and a fusion concept, and are both a part of his creative community project.

Coréon’s designs are steadily ascending from his home country of Angola and are steadily gaining international notice slowly reaching wider global audience. The unisex brand – WeDú by Coréon Dú – is also garnering attention. In the SS collection there’s a sense of fun and humor in pieces that mix comfort with a design that most customers can mix and match into their lifestyle infusing some global African flavour and added edge.

Or if it's some luxury you want with your silver and money is no object how about this Paco Rabanne parka from Farfetch

It's now £1520 and that's it with 50% off. Eeek. It is leather though...


Still pricey but perhaps my favourite is this chiffon one from Paskal from Norstrom. It's still over £400 though. Ouch


I realise that everything I have posted this year still smacks slightly of Christmas i.e. glittery and tinsel like, I think it is just the darkness this time of year is bringing me down more than I realised. Harumph.

Queen Marie