contemporary mermaid...

M Missoni_subB.jpg

Who wouldn't want to be a mermaid?

Well I could maybe do without eating all that fish.

Maybe I should consider being a Missoni contemporary mermaid instead.

That is the theme for their Spring Summer 18 collection and advertising and very fetching it all is too.

M Missoni_subA copy.jpg
M Missoni_subC.jpg
M Missoni_subB copy.jpg
M Missoni_subC copy.jpg

I've been feeling very aquatic this weather, despite the never-ending snow

I watched The Shape of Water and oh my what a wonderful film it is.

The Shape of Water is set in Cold War-era Baltimore at the Occam Aerospace Research Center, which has recently received its most sensitive asset ever: an amphibious man captured in the Amazon. What unfolds is a stirring romance between the asset and one of the janitors on staff, a mute woman who uses sign language to communicate with the creature.


The colours, the atmposhphere, all of it totally captivating. But again I can't see me wanting to kiss an aquatic man regardless of how deep our connection

Even more wonderful is the soundtrack which I've been playing every day...

As with all of his work Guillermo Del Toro totally immerses himself in the world he is about to create on film. To that end he has created a book  which looks equally wonderful...


Queen Marie