NO.RR 312



Olesya Serchenko is a young designer using new materials and techniques to collide past and futuristic influences.


NO.RR 31

Olesya Serchenko is a young fashion Russian-Finnish designer located in Helsinki, Finland. She was born in a small town in Southern Russia, where she also spent her childhood and teenage years. In 2009 she began studying at Tampere Vocational College, Finland then onto Aalto-University in Helsinki. In 2016, she had the honour to be elected as a finalist in the International Talent Support Competition with my “ON THE EDGE” BA final collection in Trieste, Italy. 

In May this year she launched her own label, NO.RR 31.

This collection takes its inspiration from Russian national costume at the turn of the 19th century, just before the Russian Revolution. Serchenko explains that it "represents a different point of view on stereotypes of so-called Russianness".

My aesthetic is a balance of controversies.
It is a mix of dramatic chic and laconic elegance with some harshness.

In my design, I try to search for new ways to express familiar things.
Mostly I take an inspiration from history and modern technologies,
and I combine their opposite bases into a new form.

Sculptural and textural are the the adjectives that excite me most in clothing and Serchenko explore both to maximum effect.

There is a strong sense of historical references with Blade Runnereque leanings. Futuristic fabrics are embossed with a traditional floral motif on floor sweeping skirts and exaggerated culottes.

To say I'd wear everything in this collection would be an understatement. The first black coat is an absolute dream. 

She has a shop but nothing from the collection is available to buy as yet but you can pre-order I think.