Laser Update



You might recall I started getting laser hair removal at Therapie Clinic here in Glasgow. So to begin with I started getting a small area on my face done, because I'm a big wimp and that was the smallest area I could think of. Upon realising it really wasn't that painful, I opted to also get my legs done.

I shall speak about my face treatment in another post, as that's been a very different experience to my legs, so today I shall give you a wee run down on how that's going on there, two treatments in.



Since the legs are considerably larger than the face, the laser is moved up and down far quicker than on a small area and it seems that this means the laser doesn't cool down the skin quite as effectively as it does when it moves slowly, so I did experience some pain. On my first full treatment I'd say it was a bit like getting waxed but the pain was more or less restricted to the bony areas, like the shins and ankle bones. Fleshy areas such as your calves are perfectly fine, you barely feel anything at all. The second visit seemed considerably less painful however.



I was incredibly surprised with the result after just one treatment. I had shaved my legs prior to treatment and then basically didn't have to shave my legs again. This is because the laser dramatically slows down the growth of hair since you've basically shocked the follicles into submission. This will be different for everyone but for me it meant not having to shave my legs in between treatments.  Leg treatments are every 6 weeks so not having to shave your legs for that length of time is insane. So even if for some reason you couldn't continue with treatments, the laser has permanently slowed down the hair growth making it better than waxing.

Overall, only two treatments in and I'm super impressed by the results.

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