mean, moody and monastic...

DZHUS AW17_Overview.jpg

We've featured designer Irina Dzhus  many many times now on KOS.

Her innovative cut, multifunctional transformer garments and austere, industrial-inspired aesthetics appeal to us both

Short-listed for the International Woolmark Prize in 2015, The DZHUS Autumn/Winter 2017 is called "Tectonic"  

The line is dedicated to the evolution of Earth, from a newborn planet to a stronghold of civilisations and technologies. Perpetual metamorphoses of the nature’s structure, fluidity and interaction of its elements, as the algorithm of survival and development – this concept has incarnated in the multifunctional transformer garments.

 Yes the striking architectural shapes and volumes are captivating but what has really enchanted me is a much smaller quieter detail, this little hand rest at the front of some of her garments.

Modest and positively postulant like, it solves that never ending problem of where to put our hands when we are having a shot taken. Unlike Queen Michelle I could no more strike a pose than appear on here in a lycra catsuit.


I don't know what is says about the inside of my head, but I constantly make comparisons about elements of a nuns habit to other things. 

How about this one - We are not Nuns, We are Devo...

Or this one, Wimplole as a Le Corbusier church...

Now if you will excuse me Sisters it is time for prayers and tea...

Queen Marie