let's face it...



I love them. Despite the fact that I don't wear many of them, I do buy them and my pinterest is full of them. Some of the most haunting and wonderful are the slightly surreal works of Korean jewellery designer Yeonmi Kang. He works with sterling silver, gold, enamel, painted wood and ottchil which is a traditional Korean lacquer

Strangely in this world of information overload, I can find out almost nothing about him except for a very a very comprehensive list of shows. I'm even presuming it is a him!!!! Any information that anyone can share will be very welcome indeed.

For some reason they strike me as very Venetian. Don't ask me to elaborate on that, I don't think I can other than to say perhaps it is the idea of a mask and the mask slipping that makes me think that. But just look and enjoy...

I like to transform personal experience, dreams related to human condition in to three- dimensional object jewelry.

The fact that he sometimes features golden rabbits in his work has of course is totally incidental...

Queen Marie