cruising with crosley...


I feature turntables a lot.

For no reason other than I love them and they fascinate me.

I always think it's sad that a lot of young people grow up without proper hi fi separates in their house. The only music they ever hear comes out of iPhones or tiny speakers, they have never had a pair of floor standing speakers roar and rumble at them.

We grew up with copies of what hi fi magazine strewn all around the house and my fathers endless obsession with the best way to bi-wire his speakers. Every amp, turntable and set of speakers he bought still works.

It's never too early to introduce kids to a turntable which is why I love Crosley Cruisers so much.

Crosley's superbly detailed replicas and re-introductions of original vintage radios, turntables and accessories are riding the wave of the vinyl revival. Founded in 1920, Crosley's fusion of classic and unforgettable styling with brand new technology makes for the cutest of speakers and turntables.



It all started when Powel Crosley invented the first affordable radio in 1920. When a standard radio was going for $100, Crosley’s Harko sold for $7, opening up the trail-blazing tech to the masses. After releasing history’s first portable TV set in 1954, the Crosley brand bolted into prominence.
In 1989, the brand released a line of vintage-inspired electronics to honour the great man, and this tradition has held true ever since. They even come in velvet now. Yum Yum Yum.


Queen Marie