jingle jangle...

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Jingle jangle silver bangle.

I've worn silver bangles my whole life. I don't remember my mum putting on my first baby bangle but I wore it until it couldn't expand anymore and pinged off when I was about 18. It was replaced by this one which I have worn ever since. That was joined in my 20's by an armful of wide victorian style bangles.

They made a clinking clanking noise which I never noticed but drove some people mad. I eventually took those off 

Then about 10 years ago thanks to Robindira Unsworth and Astley Clarke I started buying her wonderful narrow hammered bangles which made a tinkling noise. Once I started I couldn't stop...


Above is my 'regular' arm and below my 'remix' arm where I allow different bangles to live.

Robindira isn't making them any more which is why I had to find a fresh bangle muse

Step forward the wonderful Kate Mclaughlin


She was at the Drygate market at Christmas time and Lady Sandra bought me a wonderful irregular shaped bangle. Kate specialises in handmade architectural jewellery which is simple, bold, distinctive.

Everything is designed and made by her in her studio in Perth and her architectural background influences all of her work... 

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bangle width choices.jpg

For my birthday at the weekend I asked her to make 2 irregular bangles which are shiny, splendid and a very happy addition to my arm. And the best thing is I still have plenty of room on my remix arm for lots of birthdays and christmases to come...

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Queen Marie