Let's Go Back



in the fast paced world of fashion, it's sometimes nice just to slow down, put your slippers on, get a cuppa and enjoy a little trip down memory lane...

Queen Marie and I don't subscribe to trends. I could not tell you what's in trend right now if my life depended on it. Trends are simply a way to make people spend their money and feel bad about themselves along the way.

We both shop with a more long term view, which is why we tend to buy less high street and instead in invest in longer lasting, high end pieces that we know we'll have, and wear, for many many years.

This long term view is why I have no qualms about shopping past seasons. Some collections just leave an indelible imprint on my mind and leave me trying to source pieces many years later. Chloe AW06 is one such collection.

This collection by Phoebe Philo still resonates with me even today. I periodically search eBay for anything from this collection. It's as beautiful now as it was over 10 years ago. I bought a pair of shoes from this collection from Net-a-Porter and then stupidly sold them years later. I regret that to this day.


The other collection which has the same effect is Ann Demeulemeester SS10, from which I recently made reference to when I made a version of the zipper headpiece seen in the collection.

This collection still feels really fresh and would fit my wardrobe as easily now as it would have in 2010.

Floor sweeping skirts, masculine tailoring, leather and lots of it, body chains and her signature multi strap shoes all feel entirely timeless. The Demeulemeester aesthetic doesn't really change from season to season of course, which all helps the timelessness of each collection.  

Shamefully though the only Ann Demeulemeester I own is a pair of shoes but one day something from this collection will show itself on eBay and that will be gloriously rectified.

Do you have a favourite past season collection that haunts your dreams even now?