feet of stone...

Have you ever seen a sneaker made of stone?

No, neither have I. Well until now.

Say hello to the latest creations from Nat-2 and Roxxlyn...

The creation of a sneaker made from real stone was the common idea of the two german brands Roxxlyn ® und nat-2™,  born at a Paris Tradeshow.
nat-2™ was founded  in 2007 by Sebastian Thies, who's family background in the footwear    industry  goes back to 1856. The company is known for its innovations in the field of sneakers and footwear and the Berlin based company Roxxlyn is acknowlegded for it's exclusive accessories made from stone. 

Real slate stone has been made light, soft and flexible through a very complicated and state of the art technology, which was probably used the first time for footwear.
The luxurious sneakers are produced entirely by hand at small family run manufacturer in Italy and feature in addition to the real stone, finest nappa leather and reflecting glass. The well known nat-2™ high end cupsole is 100% rubber. Every single pair is unique.

The art on the shoe is also supposed to show that there are real alternatives to the common used materials in the commercial and luxury footwear- and fashion sector, showing that nature provides true natural resources for the way into the future...

Much as I think its a clever idea, they are not for me. I was however pretty smitten by their real rust and moss numbers. It would be like walking around with a little bit planet earth on your feet. But ouch, I can't see how in the world they can justify 799 euros for them!!!!


Queen Marie