phones and feet...

At the weekend there, Queen Michelle, Prince B and I were discussing the importance of having a decent phone case. Some of us are more accident prone than others and watch the phone crash to the ground with our hearts in our mouths.

With most things I normally follow my fathers advice which is "you get what you pay for" but when it comes to phone cases, I totally grudge the money and end up with some functional but grotty thing from ebay.

The same can't be said for sneakerheadz who are already thrilling to theto Nike‘s outsole phone cases. The Swoosh dropped a trio of hard phone cases all resembling outsoles from two of its most popular silhouettes. The Air Force 1 and Roshe models feed the inspiration and are currently available for $35 USD each. The Air Force 1 is available in blue while the Roshe edition is out now in “Total Crimson” and “Green Glow” options.

 All four cases are sized for the iPhone 7 only, so those of us living happily with an older phone can forget it.

Ok so maybe now you could even step on your phone it will be so well protected but at $35 a pop???? As William Shatner says " I can't get behind that"

Outsole or outsold, you decide...

Queen Marie