Hello Sunshine!





My extremely oily skin is both a blessing and a curse. On one hand I have no doubt it's partly responsible for me being a wrinkle free 44 year old, but on the other hand it's bestowed upon me open pores and makeup that will never stay put no matter what I do. I have to be quite careful with what I put on my skin too as any kind of aggravation and my skin gets even oilier. I am also allergic to some natural ingredients such as tea tree, so I tend to stick to products I know that work and rarely deviate in case it ends up being a waste of money. For that reason I would never have imagined trying any kind of oil on my skin. Oil on oily skin? Shut your face mouth!

However when the lovely Amanda from Honey Pop Kisses, and founder of the Honey Pop Club, a subscription box club, send me a couple of her subscriptions boxes for my birthday, that all changed. Not only was this an amazing surprise, it featured what has become my new favourite product.








I tried this delicious smelling oil after my bath and was surprised to find the oil absorbed very easily into my skin. I even put it on my face, where it absorbed best of all, and I woke the next morning to the softest skin I've had in ages. It contains eucalyptus which has been great to breathe in after my sinus infection as I'm still a little bunged up. I also use it on my hair to smooth flyaways. I reckon this would be great for helping to heal tattoos too.



MOA is created in the UK and is cruelty free and made from entirely natural, organic ingredients. The cornerstone of their products is their use of Yarrow, a herb found readily across the UK and is well known for its healing and repairing properties.

Everything in their small rage is perfectly affordable too meaning you can treat your skin to beautifully natural ingredients without breaking the bank.