Current Inspiration


From Wendy O Williams to great shoes, from sandy beaches to volcanic rock, what's inside my head? This is my current inspiration moodboard.


For any creative, the moodboard is an essential. Pinterest has been an invaluable way to gather up all the stuff inside my head, but I also keep folders on my computer filled with images that inspire me in one form or another.

I have design ones and I also have fashion/style ones. As you know, I'm in a dark phase at the moment (although next week I shall be featuring the first brightly coloured outfit for a while - look out for it) and I thought I'd share some of the images that are inspiring me currently.

When you work alone all day, every day, it can be tough to be inspired. I can go an entire day without speaking to a single soul until Prince B comes home. A day in total silence. It's very isolating in a way I didn't imagine when I started

this self employment malarki. Friends that have 9-5 jobs are rarely available for a chat or a cuppa. 

When you work in an agency you are surrounded by creative people who inspire you and I must admit I miss that greatly. Whilst I feel that creatively I'm doing far better things without being in the strangle hold of an agency, I really do miss working with other designers. 

To combat this sense of isolation and lack of inspiration, I find myself engrossed in creating moodboards and folders filled this images that I love. It can be things I want to wear, photos I'd like to try and shoot for myself, shoes, people, basically anything at all. At the moment that board is black.


Dreams Left To Float Away

In many ways my moodboard images represent not just inspiration, but dreams unfulfilled. For example,  I'd have loved to seen the Nevada desert or the Joshua Tree National Park but life has gotten too much in the way now to travel to these places - I should have gone when I was young and carefree. However, rural Scotland is every bit as impressive so these kind of images inspire me to explore my own country a lot more.

What's inspiring you lately?