A Little Sunshine With SunJellies





Back in 1983, when I was 10, my favourite outfit consisted of a pastel pink pencil skirt and a white cotton t-shirt which had a V neck, which had a kinda teabag fabric over the V and on top of that flap of white cotton which fastened over the v neck with poppers. I wore this outfit with a white jelly bag and matching jelly shoes. I had it all going on. My jelly shoes even had a little kitten heel. I remember putting very important 10 year old girl stuff inside my jelly bag and feeling extremely grown up and proper. I assumed jelly bags and shoes were long gone. How wrong I was.

Sun Jellies is a British brand who are bringing back the magic of those retro bags. With 27 styles of bags, including the Retro Bag which is the one I remember from the 80's, SunJellies is bringing a bit of welcome sunshine into your wardrobe.


Best of all, the bags are super affordable with the Fiesta Shopper costing from £12. I have this one and I gotta say, I'm hooked. Currently, all my sunglasses live in it but I tip them out and use the bag for actual shopping.

These are bags that you could actually collect because not only do they come in various sizes, they are ideal for the home too. What are you waiting for?