three legs or four?

It says a lot about the level of my chair problem, that when I see an exciting new chair, I almost never wonder what it would be like to sit on. I'm much much more concerned with how it looks and how interesting I find it.

Case in point this excellent Pythagoras chair created by Sander Mulder.

Oh this is a clever clever thing. It comes flat packed in three pieces.

Pythagoras is a three-legged aluminum chair created by the Netherlands-based designer Sander Mulder. The chair is built using the Origami techniques of the past. A plain aluminum sheet is laser cut and then bent into the final product. The lightweight chair is available with oak or aluminum legs. According to the designer,

“The triangulated lines serve both aesthetics and function, and this chairs sturdiness and comfort will surprise time and time again. Made up from only 3 different parts, this chair displays furniture design in its purest form. A powder coat finish is used to finalize the aesthetic and structural characteristics.”

If I'm honest I would almost be slightly anxious trying to sit on this. The 3 legs may look amazing but I always feel a little happier with 4...

Queen Marie