somewhere over the rainbow...


Sometimes all it takes is one small image to make you look at  things in a totally different way. Case in point these rainbow eyes above.  I quite often get a version of this by mistake when my eyeliner doubles up on my eyelid. My 'disco eyes' are pretty standard issue. Day and night. I might add an extra line of glitter and the lines are longer but that's pretty much it. But  I'm thinking this festive season I want to try something different and a little more playful.

Before Queen Michelle starts laughing at the thought of me trying to create any of these, I will say right up front, I won't have a chance in hell of doing that on my own. I will be calling on the services of my nieces, who have the biggest make up boxes you have ever seen .

I don't even wear mascara or eyshadow!!!! Any tips on the best kind of things to use to get any of these effects below would be most welcome...


I will take shots as we go and post the disasters when get back in the New Year. We all know that left to my own devices I would end up looking like this genius shot below...


Just want to say to say to each and every one of you - Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year when it comes. Blessings to all.

Much love and thank you for joining in the fun this year.

Queen Marie