Every Day Is Loveday




Queen Marie and I are posting a couple of times this week then we are taking a well earned blogging break until January 8th. Since it's Christmas, I wanted to leave you with one of my favourite lingerie brands, in case there are any significant others out there looking to buy a little something something for their gals. 

I have said this countless times, but I firmly believe in spending big when it comes to bras. Your boobies are precious so why shove them into a cheap, badly fitting bra? Because my own boobs do spend a large portion of time in a sports bra or inside a leotard, I like them to be treated to something a little more luxurious when they're not. Usually, my girls nestle nicely inside something by Nichole De Carle or Marlies Dekkers but I have countless beautiful brands occupying space in my underwear drawer.

Loveday London is  brand that's high up on my huge underwear wishlist. I'm sure you can understand why I'm so drawn to this label - hello leather! Made in London, Loveday use Italian lambskin leather and French leavers lace in a really natural way that doesn't look too S&M. I am ridiculously drawn to the red leather accented  high-waisted knickers too - like something Wonder Woman would under her costume. And if you had these knickers and the matching bra under your clothes, I reckon you'd feel pretty damn wonderful yourself.