Looking For Trouble


Her mother once said she was looking for trouble

As we prepare for the ending of another year, I have already started looking for things to inspire me into the new year.

I haven't been that much excited by anything fashion related lately which is why most of my personal style posts have been fairly basic but I'm hoping new year will bring fresh inspiration. Back In October I did commission Dust to create a pair of trousers for me, which I'm hoping she will make in January, and if those suckers don't inspire me I don't know what will - electric blue velvet, people. I also commissioned her to make me a suit a year ago, which I will be getting in January too, which I'm also hoping sparks my fashion enthusiasm.

Until I welcome these new pieces into my wardrobe, I still endlessly search for inspirational designers and collections to share with you guys. On my travels I came across the work of Isobel Evans, who is studying Fashion Design at Westminster University. This young designer has worked with companies such as Preen, Roksanda Ilincic and ChloĆ© during her internship year and already displays structural and textural sophistication. 



She walks down the street slowly letting her languorous legs extend fully with every step, the heel of her boots clapping on the concrete making a rhythm in the night. She has no destination, but is searching for something, following a hint of adventure. She walks with a confidence found in false maturity, mimicked from the round hipped seductresses she sees on screen. Her dress slightly too big hangs below her waist, giving a subtle reveal in her costume. The wind twists her dress around her legs, ruffles dancing in some kind of flamenco. A car passes and she turns her head with a rehearsed curiosity, her red lips slightly parted, acting beneath the street lamps. Her mother once said she was looking for trouble.

Isobel explains that creating a narrative for each collection helps inspire her: "The woman is very important within my design process. Imagining a character who will embody and bring the clothing to life. I was inspired by photography of Russian teenagers by Lise Sarfati, gangly pale girls and boys wearing faded sportswear jackets, and photographs of Romany gypsies with wild sun bleached hair, mischievous eyes and their skirts hoisted above their knees.

Her lively mix of colours and plentiful use of volume is intriguing. I'm especially drawn to the orange patched jacket with red checks.

Inspiration for the New year indeed.