back in the ussr...


Urban utility can be a tricky look to pull off.

No one does it with more of a stylish flourish than Yulia Yefimtchuk

She concentrates on conceptual womenswear and unisex collections with simple silhouettes and strong elements of workwear, uniform with bold prints of cyrillic slogans.

Her 2014 capsule collection fw 14-15 was nominated with Opening Ceremony Distinction during Hyeres Festival. In 2015 Yulia Yefimtchuk+ was shortlisted for Woolmark Prize.

These are clothes designed to transmit modern social issues. Creating a city dwelling heroine who lives “here and now”, being discreet and humble. She works mainly with black, red and white. Black is a symbol of confidence and force; Red - love, happiness and joy; White - peace

The Soviet-style workwear features big-pocketed button-ups printed with эстетика (aesthetic in English), which is a reference to Technical Aesthetics, a Soviet magazine that began publishing in 1966.


Despite the эстетика shirts, Yefimtchuk has been cutting back on her use of Cyrillic, this allows you to focus more on the details of the garments which is a good thing...


Queen Marie