it's just an illusion...


How do you feel about trompe l'oeil in fashion?

It normally leaves me cold to be frank.

But that little fashion pixie Alessandro Michele got me rethinking it. It's hard to believe it was only in January 2015 that he took over at Gucci, we're already so steeped in his nerdy luxe retro kool aid.

First off there was that ribbon detail that spawned a thousand cheap imitations...

Then of course came this glorious cape from  AW16.  It's the Trompe l'oeil detailing lifts it to truly special status – check out the red and white bow that cascades from beneath the collar – while concealed fastenings keep the sweeping silhouette neat. You could give yourself an early Christmas treat, it's half price over at Matches...


The Italians always seem to do trompe l’oeil really well. Elsa Schiaparelli and Roberta Di Camerino will be smiling down from heaven when they get a look at AM's latest grecian goddess gown


This is so witty and wonderful, you could easily imagine this as an irreverant wedding dress. All I need now is a groom and £8800 for the dress!!!!

Queen Marie