Sparkles, Get On My Face





We love sparkles in the Kingdom. Glitter, sequins, metallics, anything that shimmers or shines and we're all over it. That extends to makeup too. Queen Marie is never without her thick line of blue glitter eyeliner and I'm always on the hunt for the perfect shimmer eyeshadow. Collection 2000 produce the best glitter eyeliner which I wear over my eyelid to create the sparkliest of eyeshadow. Do we look like a couple of old drag queens? Probably but we don't care, sparkles are awesome!

I took a peek into Kiko the other day, which arrived here in Glasgow last year, and if you want some subtle sparkle in your makeup bag the I found just the stuff for you....




This is ideal for adding a little bit of shimmer either on its own or on top of other shadows. I chose a very flattering shade of rose gold called Champagne (200) and this just adds a beautiful sheen to your eyes. You can use it wet or dry. 



This is the Bright Duo in 08 and this adds some impressive sparkle to your eyes. It doesn't look too much here, but you take that out of the palette and it just comes to life on your eyes. It can also be used wet or dry. You know those Lush bath bombs with glitter through them that you just want to rub all over yourself (don't say you don't because I know you do!)? Well, this is like that glitter in eyeshadow form. 



If you are into sparkles or want to experiment, I can't recommend these highly enough. They are super affordable and you get really good quality for your money.  Go get 'em!