black, white and lemon...

After the highland glory and tartan splendour of yesterday, today we are going monochrome.

We're giving big love to the wonderful black and white creations of Jennifer Lemon.

Lady Sandra bought me one of her necklaces for Christmas and I've been wearing it non stop.

It is such a pleasing thing to look and wear!

Every wooden bead in her creations is unique, hand painted in the JLD Glasgow studio. 

Jennifer describes herself as "a mark maker at heart"  Each and every design starts with a drawing in her sketchbook. Keeping things simple in monochrome, draws you in to the tiniest of details that make something special and unique.

The pieces come in all shapes of sizes but needless to say the ones that appeal the most to me are the big ones. As Queen Michelle always says " go big or go home"

Queen Marie