Meet the mice...

British fashion designer Christopher Ræburn has teamed up with Disney to reimagine the world’s favorite cartoon couple, Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

Using the Christopher Ræburn animal mascots that accompany each season’s collection as the starting point, he has created two luxury unisex bags featuring the iconic talking mice. Ræburn worked closely with Disney to ensure the accuracy of the characters, while staying true to the brand’s ethos of sustainability – the bags are made from ethically-sourced nappa leather or organic European milled indigo denim.

“To work with the Walt Disney Company is not only a huge honour, it’s thrilling to create something that really represents exactly what we’re about as a brand..Collaboration, playfulness and innovative design are in our DNA, and this project has all these elements.We also worked hard to source the best materials and reduce waste on the packaging.”

The bags have a zipped compartment at the back of the body and a strap that adjusts to two lengths. The straps can be worn over the shoulder or held around the wrist.

They even come in a specially designed hexagonal gift box that is environmentally friendly, created using flatpack and recycled elements. The packaging has been produced by Christopher Raeburn’s close manufacturing partner, Avery Dennison RBIS.

I don't know about you but they look a little sinister to me and at over £400, I won't be carrying one of these guys any time soon...

Queen Marie