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So it was with great excitement that Kat Von D makeup finally arrived here in the UK, at Debenhams. I eagerly anticipated finally being able to see her makeup in person before buying anything since I've bought things 'blind' from the US and only half my purchases turned out to be the right colours. However, that anticipation was brought to abrupt halt when I discovered the Debenhams exclusive was actually only going to be online.  it was disappointing to say the least. The fact they didn't have concessions meant UK shoppers are still buying products blind. But the one saving grace is that we don't have the outrageous shipping and customs charges.


I decided to try the much lauded Everlasting lipstick. I'd heard so many good things about it from girls I follow on IG, I decided to try it myself.  After looking at lots of photos of the various colours on real lips, I opted for 3 shades which are all in the natural/neutral spectrum; Lolita II, Bow 'n' Arrow and Lovesick.

The only colour I found a little disappointing was Lolita II, which was more rust hued than I imagined, however I layered Nars Belle De Jour on top and got the most perfect nude imaginable. Lovesick and Bow 'n' Arrow are both beautiful. I'm really into that warm toned 90's face, with lots of deep reds, nudes and chocolates - think Shelley in Twin Peaks - and all the colours compliment that palette.

Long lasting, very matte lipsticks have a tendency to be quite drying on me, who needs lip balm every single day, so I was curious to see if these would be the same.  I was pleased to discover that they didn't dry out my lips too much. Yes, a little bit of lip balm on top was required for me, but overall if you don't have dry lips you will find them very comfortable. But most impressive was how long they lasted. If you didn't eat, the lipstick would literally stay on all day. Eating a meal does take it off a little, and obviously that will be more noticeable on bright shades like red, but on more natural tones it's barely noticeable at all. 

Overall I am really impressed by this lipstick. Like all of KVD products I've tried so far, they last so well on the skin. 10/10.

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