London Adventure / Pt.One





If you follow me on Instagram you'll have seen all my Instagram Stories, following my much needed adventure in London. Prince B had surprised me by booking a glorious trip to London just so we can forget about our troubles for a while and just have fun. We happened to be there during fashion week, but I didn't partake of any fashion stuff, this was all about us relaxing and shopping! I had my spoils from the Scottish Blogger Shop so bought a couple of nice pieces but mostly it was just wandering around, enjoying the famous London buzz. 






Prince B however had other plans. As a surprise he'd booked us in for afternoon tea at The Dorchester! He suggested we head to Hyde Park for a stroll, since it was a lovely day, and we ended up walking towards the famous hotel. He then told me we were booked in for afternoon tea! I was literally jumping up and down with excitement!

It is the most luxuriously decadent place ever. Afternoon tea was like no other afternoon tea I have ever experienced in my life. Our waiter for the afternoon was incredible. He firstly brought us a bottle of hot water with a bag or herbs and flowers inside, which was left to infuse for a while. He then brought us a selection of 5 sandwiches. The idea is you eat all 5 then he brings you another round of the ones you liked the best. When he came back round we couldn't manage the second course of sandwiches, as we were already quite full and wanted to leave room for cake.

At that point the special water was ready and he poured us a glass each, and the purpose of it was to cleanse our palette for the next course. It was utterly delicious! 

It was subtle flavour and like nothing I'd ever tasted before. In terms of tea, I had the Paris tea by Harney & Sons, which is a fruity black tea with vanilla and caramel flavors and a hint of lemony Bergamot. I've already bought some for home.

We were then served freshly baked scones and jams with clotted cream. I never thought scones could be so delicious. After that came the cakes. 3 different types, each more glorious than the last. We couldn't finish all our scones and cakes and the waiter gave a beautiful Dorchester box so we could take them with us. All the while a pianist sat in the corner playing away while we enjoyed the most beautiful afternoon I think I have ever had.



The Wesley Hotel in Euston is one of the friendliest hotels I've ever stayed in and it's also London's first ethical hotel.



We decided to pick a hotel near the station we were arriving and leaving from, which was Euston, and found a 4 star hotel called The Wesley. Located in an art deco building up a side street it doesn't look very much from the outside, but inside was just lovely. Because we arrived at 9pm and they still didn't have our room ready, they immediately upgraded us to a suite which, by London hotel standards, was massive. It made our stay even more special, coming back from a hard day's shopping to the comfiest bed ever.



After four glorious days it was time to say goodbye. This was easily the best time I have ever had in London.  The weather let us down badly on Friday, but the other days were typical Glasgow weather so we could could cope with that.

There were things I just didn't have time to do, like go and visit the good people at Miista and Underground England, but because their showrooms are only open on weekdays, we just didn't have time to fit either in on the Friday, which is when we'd planned to go but thanks to the pouring rain, we lost most of that day.

But we did lots of great things I'll never ever forget my afternoon at The Dorchester.

Until next time London xxx