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What a cheery little post title to start your Thursday.

Today I'm talking about Memory sticks.  USB's, Pen Drives, whatever you call them, for some of us they are an essential part of every day life. Ugly little pieces of plastic that litter our desks, yet our creative work would grind to a halt without them.

But as with so many things, it just takes someone with imagination and creative vision to reinvent them and make you look at them anew.

Say hello to Empty Memory by Poetic Lab

Empty Memory is a jewellery collection that works as USB memory sticks. Every single piece was cast in high-quality 316 stiainless steel, hand-polished by craftsmen and finished with various colours.

 Each design contains a physical emptiness in its sculptural form, evoking the metaphor of a blank space that can be filled with your own memories.

The designers’ starting point was to create an intimate feeling for these technology products that are generally considered to be soulless.  There are two different designs, Structure and Transparency, which are the result of two different approaches to the same concept.

Pretty safe to say the Queen Michelle is is going to go for structure while I'm loving the lucite look of the transparency number. Prices start from £50...

Poetic Lab is a London-based Design Studio founded by designer Hanhsi Chen and Shikai Tseng after they met and graduated from the Royal College of Art in London. Both designers share an essential design approach in their work, the poetry of objects and materials, while having a completely different academic background, which enables them to shape an object from multiple perspectives.

I'm a bit confused but I think they are behind Beyond Object where they sell their work

Beyond Object is a design-led brand focusing on desktop objects and home accessories. We believe functional objects can be designed and crafted as art. You might find yourself a bit lost seeing our collection for the first time, wondering what are the objects made for. It won't take long until you figure it out, and that magic moment of surprise reveals the true essence of our design.

I never thought the day would come where I was seriously lusting over a tape dispenser.

But it has. It's here. It's really here.

Cantili is a tape dispenser with a pared- down, sculptural form abstracted from the everyday tape dispenser. Consisting of a pair of concave circles and a cantilever, its simple and light design is stable enough to be used with single hand.  It costs £90. Ouch but ooooh.

It's almost the end of September and I haven't mentioned the 'C' word yet.

I'm seriously thinking that this should be my present to myself this year...

Queen Marie

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