it's a pile up….

This promotional shot from Nosomnia brought a big smile to my face this week.

Of course I immediately thought of the "fashion roadkill" moment in Sex in the City. 

I've featured their last few collections and now these shots give us the first look at its 2017 spring/summer collection titled “Every Piece Matters.”

Inspired by the world of electronics, in particular the printed circuit board, the collection is constructed in layers, showcasing their classical menswear cuts mixed with urban style aesthetics. The first layer consists of classic innerwear, the second layer provides jackets and the final layer consists of rainwear. The pieces are made from rich cashmere and jersey cotton to neoprene and plastic creating innovative and unexpected creations. .

The Danish label Nosomnia, founded in 2015 by former nightclub marketing manager Jonas Bier, is on a mission: dressing mature men – classic, but yet urban. Special attention is given to the fit of the garments, and further unexpected details are added to minimalistic design.

The new summer ‘17 collection delivers a similar vibe, yet in a slightly more colorful way including orange, beige and metallic tones. The look is fashionably understated, thereby forming an alternative to the last years’ bold streetwear trend and these shots are wonderful...

Pretty safe to say that looking at these, that every piece does matter...

Queen Marie