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Book bags.

What's not to love?

Especially when they are as splendid as these ones.

We've looked at plenty of book clutches on KOS before but lets be honest, none of us could really cope with the limits of a clutch, you need a proper bag to haul stuff around.

So I'm happy to see that these guys take "book bag" to a whole new literal level with these literary messenger bags. Each bag features the cover of a classic book with the first page printed on the front, under the flap. Beyond charming...

From classics to pulp fiction to a more esoteric read, hopefully your favourite will be here in felt or in leather.

Krukrustudio is a tiny team creating original felt and leather bags-objects, with everything being made with love and dedication by Lyuba and Max. The idea of creating designer bags came to them in January 2011. They started this project from scratch. It took about a month to find right materials, draw sketches, make patterns and sew first bags. Finally, they produced their first models for a chain of handmade shops in Moscow by March. Since then these wonderful creations have been finding happy homes all over the world thanks to their easy shop

As well as books they also make wonderful animal and all kinds of shaped objects. For Queen Michelle I would choose this darling little fox bag below while I have my heart set on one of the felted cassette ones or the Lumpy Space Princess one.

 If only the cassette were black and not grey I think I would already have ordered one...

Queen Marie