sail on...

What the hell is it with me and water this week!
I honestly have no idea.

But I couldn't resist starting Saturday with these charming silver origami boat creations from Mirit Weinstock, a fashion designer, jewelry designer and artist who lives and works between Tel Aviv and Paris.

She launched M♥W  a high end luxury crafts jewellery collection at Colette in 2011. Drawing her inspiration from childhood memories and souvenirs, her original, dreamy poetic jewellery collection has a real touch of humour. Using recurring themes of surrealism, childhood motives, natural world she combines materials such as Shuttlecock feathers, raffia fibers, eyelashes, whistles and animals. Mirit transfers them into jewelry working with silver, porcelain and glass.

I absolutely adore these.

They totally bring back the wonderful Paper Boat  by George Wyllie

The Paper Boat launched  on The River Clyde, Glasgow in 1989

 Launching from theFinnieston crane, like The Straw Locomotive it secreted a large mark of interrogation (QM on its prow stood for just that) which rose into view as the sails spill in two. The Paper Boat followed a similar vein, by focusing on the disappearance of Glasgow’s shipbuilding industry. Measuring an impressive 78 feet in length, The Paper Boat had a steel frame clad in sheets of plastic and gauze, which velcroed together, opened to reveal a viewing platform. There was, naturally, an elevating question mark but this time, George wanted the simplistic beauty of the sculpture to be appreciated in equal measure to the political content:

“The paper boat is something poetic, something we all should have enjoyed when we were young. It’s kind of like making love. If you ask too many questions about it, it loses something.”

 Are you feeling aquatic yet? I am...

Queen Marie