it's all in the name...


Monday is just not the same without an outfit post to start your week off in style but Queen Michelle and Prince B are up in Aberdeen visiting the Duchess so I'm afraid you will need to make do with some sandal action!

Namely the Vreeland from Charlotte Olympia

Such a wonderful name for a shoe.

But I'm not sure I could picture Diane Vreeland in these. She was no fan of high strappy shoes. Carmen Miranda might have been a better name!

Especially when Charlotte explained her inspiration for the sandal saying  -

Poolside glamour means turban twists, costume gems and canine companions. Inspired by the opulent wardrobes and attitudes of vintage fashion icons, this collection takes past notions of luxury and makes them new. Give your getaway accessories the look of lavishness with Head Over Heels

But there is no problem with the naming of the Iris Bag.  It just scream Iris Apfel. I actually laughed out loud when I saw this bag. Such fun.

Fashion should be fun. Especially in these dark days. Just look how happy Iris is with her bag.

And if Iris doesn't put a smile on your face on a Monday, then you should maybe just go back to bed...

Queen Marie