Do It Yourself


Up My Sleeve

My next DIY project is going to be sleeve related. As you will have realised, I'm into sleeves being as big and exaggerated at possible. Standard sleeves are boring sleeves!

The images above represent my current sleeve inspiration. Fluted, bell and generally the focus of the garment. I'm hoping to using some freelance quiet time to create this DIY this week so I will share the results in an outfit very soon.

My current DIYs have really made me think back to the 'good old days' of blogging, when it was very creative.

Anyone who's only been reading blogs for a few years won't even know just how creative the originators actually were. It was truly a platform for people sharing creative ideas and thoughts. Nearly all of us would feature DIY projects on our blogs, and back then "collaboration" meant something creative, rather than just "feature me on your blog". Nowadays, that creativity has all but gone and has instead been replaced with outfit shots taken by photographers and free expensive clothes. Inspiration has firmly been replaced with aspiration.

KOS is one of the few remaining blogs to still create and make things and provide inspiration rather than shopping aspiration.

Over the years I have created tons of DIY projects. Some better than others! From simple studded collars to odd necklaces, legchains, things with shower flowers, dresses, shoulder pieces...everything you can imagine!

Here are just a few of my faves, some dating back nearly 10 years!


(Rollover images to see descriptions)


I still own many of these peices, although lots stopped fitting me and I had to pass them along to charity shops. I wonder if, out there somewhere, there are people wearing my DIY creations?! I hope so.