feelin' fruity...

As Queen Michelle and Grande Empresse Gillian will tell you, I"m not a big consumer of fruit or veg. The joke goes that if you see me eating an apple I think I'm ill.

Safe to say, I don't think I have ever eaten a watermelon.

But that's not to say that I don't find a watermelon bag delicious, because I do. Especially when it is produced by La Lisette


La Lisette is an Amsterdam based brand producing fun and charming unique handmade
items. The products exist of bags, wallets, pencil cases and other nifty accessories. All products are 100% proudly made by hand in La Lisette's own studio in Amsterdam.

Using simple shapes and strong colours, they create perfect creations for every day use.
For her designs La Lisette mainly uses deadstock and overproduced leather from
Europe, this to keep it more environment friendly and to avoid wastage!

By following her strong personal taste and style the designs of La Lisette are born.
She loves to add a little twist and a bit of humor to an outfit. Modern art, traveling and impression from the streets are the main sources of inspiration for the La Lisette designs.

I'm guessing the animal kingdom inspires her too! How about some creature fun with a racoon, fox or little black cat...

They don't work with seasonal collections. So new items are launched on a regular base, so it's worn checking etsy or her own site.

Now who moved the fruit bowl….

Queen Marie