Nightmares and dreams ...

So even the boys are getting into the big sleeve action!

In the Raf Simons Fall/Winter 16/17 collection, they are as giant and as generous as the garments themselves. They also seem to be modelled by some very handsome young members of the walking dead. These boys look like vampires or modern day extras from a Bella Lugosi film.

Simons called the collection Nightmares and Dreams.

“I always like creating beautiful things but it’s interesting when something’s weird, something’s dark. Something goes wrong.” 

The oversized clothes looked like they were waiting for the models to grow into them! Well worn, loved and even patched together these were garments with a story or nightmare to tell... 

This poor creature below has forgotten to put his trousers on while out searching for necks to bite. Either that or he has been attacked and savaged by a wolf, who has not only eaten his trousers and pants but has started to chomp at the hem of his jumper. In fact the closer I look, that dammed wolf has also eaten all of their shoes!

Even the late appearance by Sherlock Holmes in his fine tweeds and shiny boots ( see above)  has not been in time for the poor creature below who has been left to perish on the grassy knoll deep in the forest.

Queen Marie