When Gold Turns Black


Diesel, in all it's various incarnations, has always been a label which is hugely hit or miss for me. They first launched their higher end Black Gold label back in 2008, and I personally haven't really loved many of the collections since. I usually find streetwear brands' efforts to enter into the high-end market are rarely very successful, since streetwear is usually rooted in jeans and sportswear - it's hard to make jeans luxurious, let's be honest. However, Diesel Black Gold seemed to have made it work for them.

Their Resort 2017 collection however, has so many fantastic pieces it in it, namely the reworked biker and bombers jackets, which have been transformed into dresses, tops and skirts. 


Creative Director Andreas Melbostad, describes the pieces as "hybrids" which is the perfect way to explain these creations which are not quite one thing nor the other. It's not a new concept of course - Comme des Garcon have done it for a great many years - but Black Gold, with this resort collection, brought their own strong offering to the table that can stand confidently alongside the likes of CDG.

Suffice to say, that's another DIY idea on the ever growing list.