Puzzle me this...

Today's post is small but perfectly formed.

Just like these creations from Antiatoms. Wearable geometric forms that are like little deconstructed Miyake Bao Bao bags. Although to be fair these leather lovelies came first. They were part of their Mik_val_exe  Puzzle collection.

Puzzles, which have always been a challenge to the human intellect, are the starting point for this summer collection. Each piece is a puzzle, solved by means of the material used, the cutting pattern, and assembly of its parts. 


ANTIATOMS began in 2005 as a multidisciplinary project. Its members Aránzazu Moreno B, Alejandra Salvatore and Sofía Uquillas first met as Fashion Design students in the Istituto Europeo di Design in Madrid. They come from different backgrounds (Art Direction, Architecture and Fine Arts - Museography); these disciplines complement each other allowing them to have a strong all round vision. Above all else, ANTIATOMS believes in following a rigorous conceptual process to get to the final object or design. This is what gives meaning to their creations.

It's years since I posted about them, when I featured their leather brown paper bag . Oh how I adored this. Still can't believe I have never got round to buying one.

Looking through their shop at the weekend I was mightily amused by their 'Alarm Brooch'

Looking exactly like a security tag, I can just imagine the mischief wearing this would cause.

Queen Marie