like bunnies in a bowl...

Sorry it's such a late post for a Saturday.

Today Queen Michelle and I went to visit Lady Lisa, James and The Diva's. Sandra and Marley the Dog came too. So as always it was cake filled mayhem. The only quiet point of the visit is when Ruby and Nina turn all their attention on Michelle. She is human catnip for small girls. They comb and brush her hair, investigate her clothes and both talk to her at the same time. Today they even had her demonstrate ballet positions for them. Hilarious.

I should have taken some pictures. I shall next visit. They clamber all over her like these bunnies in a bowl.

They are part of the "Animal Series' a range of ceramics created by the wonderful  LEM.

Lem is an art collective of-sorts that was formed at a Finland petrol station in 2008. En route to Helsinki, three art graduates, Saara Kaatra, Lotta Veromaa and Laura Itkonen decided to form the collective during a pit stop, with Animal Series their first creation.

Animal Series has been described as consisting of “sweet fairytale scenery and figures like the unicorns, pink rabbits and canary birds are in contrast with the macabre themes of blood, death and loneliness.” Indeed, there is a real macabre feeling running through the ceramics.

Just what I need to try and bring me down from my sugar high of cakes and laughing at Queen Michelle being turned into a human " Girls World"

Queen Marie