Life In Watercolour


Let's start off our Friday looking at some beautiful watercolours courtesy of Mila Alexander.

I have featured Mila on here before but not for her artwork, for her beautiful jewellery brand Lodichka, however she has since changed her focus from jewellery to creating art on paper and what beautiful art it is.


She is London based and loves experiencing diverse cultures and various forms of creativity. From an early age she was fascinated by female beauty and sensuality, as well as art and fashion and so her artwork is focused on the female form.

Although most of her work is in watercolor she likes to challenge her self by exploring different techniques and media.

She takes her inspiration from female sexuality, fashion, cinematography, literature and life itself.

Watercolor is unforgiving, free and exciting as you’ll never truly know, when you start an art work, where will it take you, it’s a journey, it’s an adventure, it’s an escape!
— Mila Alexander

As you can imagine the ballet dancer is of particular interest to me. Even though Mila herself doesn't dance, she has captured perfectly the dynamism of the dancer and, more specifically, the beauty and strength of the dancer's foot.

Well if Imagination Land ever comes true, I'll definitely be purchasing a watercolour from Mila to hang on my wall.