Make It And Break It

I don't know if you noticed this, but I do have a real affinity with clothing that had been deconstructed then reconstructed, anything that was one thing and is now another, from scarves worn as tops to trenchcoats turned into tops. I think I like this approach because it has a real DIY feel to it. 

Simon Porte Jacquemus is a designer who seems to revel in the de/re:constructed aesthetic.

The designer recently won an LVMH Prize in its young designer competition, and his SS16 collection features dresses half made of a blazer and tops constructed from a pair of trousers and skirts. The collection wasn't really given that much praise by the mainstream fashion media, which is probably precisely why I liked it so much.


I am always hunting for ideas for DIY project ideas as there really is nothing more rewarding than making something yourself that actually works out. This has definitely sparked a few new DIY ideas. Watch this space!