the happy platform...

Thank you Sunday Times Style section

You really made me smile this week.

Two images instantly combined in my head to make the most gloriously happy outfit ever.

This silver metallic sunday pleated skirt from Do & Be and these groovy metallic platforms by Marc Jacobs.


This is Victoria. She costs a whopping $475 a pair but she is the happiest shoe I have seen for many a long year. She makes me smile just looking at her.

Even though I know I would never wear her, I want her to come and live at my house.

With a Heel of 110MM and a Pitch of 35MM, much as I would want to wear them, could I ? Probably not. But in my head I can.

I already have a silver skirt exactly like this in a wardrobe somewhere. How long it has been there is anyone's guess.

What I suppose I'm really trying to say here, is that although, as you get older, you may alter how you dress in real life,  in your head, the way you really want to dress, never really change.

Unless you are as brave and creative as Queen Michelle who happily lets her teenage goth and punk and metal flags fly with happy abandon.

Queen Marie