on the fly...

Despite a pretty serious lifelong shoe habit, unlike Queen Michelle,  I don't think I've ever owned a pair of heeled ankle boots. To be honest I've never contemplated them but that was until I came across these Fly boots by Dear Frances. These are simply splendid.

A layer of perspex between slices of beechwood and supple black italian leather with an ivory pull have created the most perfect boots ever. This heel is the brands signature boots which Jane explains saying -

. The clean slice of plexiglas that runs through natural wooden heels has become incredibly popular and certainly defines our style. It’s a quiet statement and comes back to the idea of elevating classics and modernizing timeless styles with details subtle enough to be worn time and again and on different occasions. I find joy in detail, so it’s about focusing on finishing everything with precision, ensuring that the texture and tone work together. The closer you look the more you see.

As well as on her own site, you can scoop some Dear Frances in the sale over at YBD

Needless to say, no matter how cool I think they look, I wouldn't last five minutes with a heel like that. I would be much better running around in a pair of their flat felted wedges. The are like granny slippers. Much more my style...

Queen Marie