The Magic Of Miu Miu


When you are feeling uninspired, you can always trust Miuccia Prada to deliver a collection which makes you see that there are more possibilities out there than the jogging trousers and ripped t-shirt you are currently slobbing around in (guilty as charged).

For her Pre-fall 2016 collection we see typical Miu Miu at work. I don't use the word "typical" to imply predictability in a negative sense, but rather that you can rely on Miu Miu to deliver the goods. Every time. In my opinion, even more than Prada, which I find is hit or miss.

If I wasn't in love with velvet enough, Miuccia has only gone and added florals to her velvet offering and a white collar. Be still my beating heart! 


Miu Miu I Love You

Baroque brocade ballet slippers are adorned with leather straps, buckles, glitter and fastened with ribbons. We see thick ribbed socks paired with velvet shoes - a look I will no doubt be looking to replicate.

No-one knows layering quite like Miuccia and this collection is a lesson in creative layering. An a-line midi dress is worn under a jumper, with a coat and scarf on top but whilst each layer is something you would expect to wear, it's elevated by the mix of colours and textures, turning the whole thing into a feast for the eyes. 

There are so many standout pieces: the emerald green jumbo cord suit, the stunning purple balloon-sleeved guipure lace dress, the aforementioned floral velvet dresses, green velvet platform ankle boots, the cream smock top with the frilly yoke...the list goes on!

Guess who's going to be hitting the charity shops this weekend looking to do my own version?