marshmallow feet...

One of my highlights every year is the Liberty x Nike collection.

This year I was super excited to see that it was a print from the glorious Siver Studio.

The Liberty London’s Cameo designed by The Silver Studio, one of the preeminent textile design firms of the 20th century, the abstract floral motif gradually became a beacon of timeless style. Silver Studio was one of the most influential textile design studios in the UK from its formation in 1880 until the middle of the twentieth century.The studio, founded by Arthur Silver, designed some of the most famous fabric, wallpaper, carpet and metalwork designs for companies such as Liberty's, Turnbull and Stockdale, Sanderson and Warner and Sons Ltd, all of which used the Silver Studio's designs for their own ranges of wallpapers and textile.

Instead of the Air Max I thought I would go for the Cortez this time. I liked the simpler lok of them especially the sole. So they arrived just before Christmas and here is what they are doing now.

I'm using them as a sodding door stop...

Quite simply, these are the strangest shoes I have ever had. They honestly make me feel like I have marshmallow feet. Spongy, soft but almost impossible to walk in.

The heel shank at back is cut really low, so you feel like you are gong to walk out of them. While your toes seem to be pushed forward and crushed in the oddly rigid toe box at the front

Sure they look pretty but honestly they are god awful. Such a disappointment...

So it's pretty safe to say, that I will just revert to the Air Max come the end of the year.


Queen Marie