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Let's start Hump Day with some shoes.

In my house, there is literally no more room for shoes. I now have to execute a pair in, pair out rule.

My weird designer shoes and sky high heels scared everyone at the Scottish Blogger Shop - normal people just aren't ready for my cast-offs - therefore I have had to keep them as they are mostly too obscure to sell on eBay. But it means the shoe mountain grows ever taller as I'm 

running out of shoes to give to the charity shop whenever I buy a new pair. Yet here I am featuring more.

Mercifully this brand are based in Perth, Australian and don't have a shop, so yay.

Half Measures explain their AW16 collection as being "typified by beautifully layered silhouettes and dimensional forms". Each pair is meticulously hand-made and no tow pairs are the same.








The brand also make bags, I think, although the photos in the lookbook are altogether much too unclear to really get a sense of the products. 

However, from what I can see of the shoes they feature what looks like incredibly comfortable loafers, trainers and sandals with geometric cut-outs. Not entirely what you might expect from 

an autumn collection of shoes, but then it is Australia so they most likely don't suffer the downpours of rain we have here in the UK. Meanwhile I'm already digging out my extra warm socks.

But still, it's never the wrong season to look at sandals as we say in the Kingdom.