gimme some gimnes...

Edda Gimnes . Love her. Just love her.

Pretty willing to bet, if they were still around Elsa Schiaparelli and Dali would love her too.

 This young Norwegian designer doesn’t draw sketches that are supposed to look like garments—she makes actual clothes that look like her sketches. The surrealists would adore that!

"Instead of starting with the pattern, I start with my illustrations and then make the pattern accordingly, I draw almost everything with my opposite hand, to get that naive and hand rendered look to it. I transfer my illustrations onto white canvas clothing using digital printing. Pairing simple-cut outfits with black brushstrokes... my clothes appear as if animated, accentuated by oversized paper-esque gloves, hats and platform sandals.”

When styling her models, Gimnes also extended the black lines of her sketches to their skin, drawing inky lipliner and pencil moustaches. It creates the effect of the dresses' ink leaking onto the models, turning them into sketches, too. 

For SS17 she has started playing with adding colour. I'm getting a real 'My Fair Lady" feeling from this one below. Wonderful. Simply wonderful.

Hope this puts a smile on your face today. It has mine!

Queen Marie