nice and pretty...

Age. It's a funny old thing. It mellows some of us while others continue to rage ( no one could accuse Queen Michelle or Dust of mellowing in any way). While I wouldn't describe myself as mellow in a month of sundays, I do find myself a lot less bothered or fussed about a lot of things. I used to deplore it when people called me "nice". It always seemed such a lukewarm slightly lame thing to be called but now I'm older I actually value 'nice' in the same way that I genuinely value 'pretty' . Something pretty can brighten your day and lighten your heart, it's that simple and that wonderful.

So I'm sure the lovely girls over at La Casita De Wendy won't mind one bit when I say that their  "pasiĆ³  n"collection is pretty. I'm coveting one of these scarves very badly, they would help me get through the upcoming dark winter nights with a smile on my face.

I also adore the wooden bonnet hat, but my ol' moon face would look pretty silly poking out of one of these. I'm also adoring the black opera style coat with sleeves almost dramatic enough to please QM.

Queen Marie