Little Slip Of A Thing





The 90's is a trend that comes and goes regularly. Oftentimes these nostalgic fashion features are curated by people who were much to young to remember what it was really like, but nonetheless it's nice to see the period being looked upon so favourably. 

In 1991 I was 18 and so was entirely absorbed in what was happening during that time. Musically, the Industrial and Grunge scenes were the biggest. Both came with their own distinct looks. My favourite industrial look consisted of a pair of black army trousers, army boots and a black latex top, which was cut to look like a corset. The trousers were slung really low on the hips, revealing just enough hip bone and stomach. I would go into the club smelling of talcum powder as I had to use so much of it to get into the damn top. My grunge look was a 

tiny silk slip dress and army boots and nothing else. What a time to be an alternative boy! A club full of girls dressed like this and the backdrop of pounding music, it was little wonder there was plenty of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll going around.

The 90's looks though are not ones I've really ever visited again. Obviously it's a bit trickier being 43 and wearing a tiny slip dress and not much else. However, I have been adapting the look to be more age appropriate by wearing a slip dress which is much longer and layering it over all manner of tops, from band tees to old sweatshirts. 

Poustovit x Tago have provided me my biggest inspiration with their floor length, over-sized slip dresses making the silhouette look fresh and modern rather than nostalgic.



Lilia Poustovit and Tatiana Chumak established the label Poustovit in 1998 and for their SS17 collection they teamed up with Ukrainian brand Tago. Tago is basically a higher-end Ukranian high street brand. The collections features flowing silk and velvet slip dresses, 

mixed up with a dose of oversized sportswear such as hoodies and velvet trackies, and leopard print and checks. Even though the fabrics are varied, the oversized silhouette is consistent making everything in the collection delectably mixable.